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Our Privacy Policy

1. This document contains the terms and conditions of processing and storage of personal data of users of the website by employees of the Tzdaka Foundation organization, registered in the New York State whose address is 401 E 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218 and is an official agreement between the abovementioned organization and each user of the abovementioned site.

2. In the process of using the functions of the site — hereafter «the site» — we sometimes ask you to enter certain personal data. In most cases, we do not require accurate personal information, such as first and last name, except in situations where this is required for the provision of a specific service, for example, to issue a tax deductible receipt when making a donation on the site.

3. In addition, for the operation of the site, we use cookies and store data about the IP address of each user, and in some cases automatically determine your approximate location based on the IP address without storing it.

4. The processing and storage of any data by which you can be directly identified (other than those referred to in paragraph 3) is carried out only with your explicit consent. The collected and stored data is used by us solely to ensure the functionality declared in each specific place on the site and nothing else.

5. At the same time, only site employees directly involved in the provision of the service will have access to the information you provide, at the discretion of the administration of the site.

6. We will make every effort, within industry standards, to maintain the confidentiality of your data and to ensure limited authorized access to it only for the purpose of providing the specific service you requested and only to those directly responsible for providing it. To store data, certain technical and software tools are used at the discretion of the site administration. When storing data on external servers, the terms of confidentiality in addition to this agreement are regulated by an agreement with a company providing hosting services.

7. Under no circumstances do we share your data in any form, either in whole or in part, with third parties, except as expressly provided in this agreement (see paragraphs 8, 9 and 11 below), and we also do not use them in any form other than as specified in this agreement or directly on the page on which you enter certain information about yourself.

8. Some data entry pages may contain additional terms relating to the processing of specific data entered by you on this page, this agreement includes your acceptance of all additional conditions expressly stated on the data entry page.

9. Any user can request the destruction of their data on the site within 5 business days, as well as the details of how their data have been used, by sending an email to

10. By using the site you automatically agree to all the terms and conditions for processing personal information above without exception.

11. If you partially or completely disagree with the above terms and conditions you must request the destruction of the data which has been already collected (paragraph 9 of this agreement), and immediately after that completely stop browsing the pages of the site.

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