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Terms, Conditions and Refund Policies

On the website, you can make donations to help poor families, support Torah study, website development, new projects within it, etc. All issues are resolved by Rabbi Ben-Zion Zilber in a strict accordance with the Jewish Law.

We accept donations from anyone over the age of 18.

Donations are tax deductible in the United States.

The tax exemption data entry window will open automatically after pressing the Donate button.

When choosing a particular payment method, you are redirected to the page of the corresponding payment system, where you make the actual payment.

At any stage of the payment, before pressing the payment confirmation button on the payment system page, you can stop the payment process by closing the window, clicking the Cancel button, or returning to the previous page by means of your browser controls.

After a payment is completed an automatic notification is sent to the email address which you have provided.

A completed donation may be canceled with full refund within two business days by sending a request to with the reference number of the payment you want to cancel. The payment reference number appears in the automatic email notification.

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