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Tzdaka Foundation is a non profit organization that was established to promote Jewish values, traditions and Torah learning. We provide financial support to educational and charity organizations and individuals in the United States and abroad whose activities are directed towards promoting the Jewish values and the light of Torah in the world by means of:

  • returning the Jews to their traditions;
  • creation of places of Jewish education and Torah learning;
  • building synagogues and community centers;
  • assistance to low income families and individuals.

To support the activities of our organization, you can donate money via credit card or Paypal, or send a check to the following address:
Tzdaka Foundation
PO Box 300680
Brooklyn, NY 11230

or make a bank transfer:
Account name: Tzdaka Foundation
Bank: Citibank
Branch: Madison Ave/42nd Street
Branch address: 330 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017
Swift code: CITIUS33
Account #: 4981725970

All donations are tax exempt in United States (under section 501(3)(c) of the Internal Revenue Code), Our tax ID in the US: 46-3371328,

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№938 06.02.2022
תמיכה בכוללי הכהנים שמופעלים ע"י
ארגון 'בני אהרן לעבודת הקרבנות'
any help is appreciated

№586 28.03.2017
Jewish Community Center for Russian-Speakers in Jerusalem
one-time contribution

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Tzdaka Foundation
PO Box 300680
Brooklyn, NY 11230
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